The temperature rose again today. It seems that the cold weather won’t
last long for the moment.
What confused me was that Ella lost her temper. I am really puzzled
about that. And I tried every means to think about the problem, but I
could get no result.
I am really puzzled. I just phoned the Reuters and asked them how to
solve the problem that I encountered in my data scratch. I have to
admit that the custer service of Reuters is quite excellent. They are
all responsible. They can even think about the problem that you have
never thought of before. That’s why it took me a long while over the
phone. Ella said that I should have realized that similar problem
might confronted her and I should have asked her such question. My
behavior made it that we two lacked team-work spirit. Or on another
aspect it is me that who lacked the spirit. I am really confused she
considered such problem so serious. I am not sure whether I am
sensitive. But I can feel that she seemed angry with me. As a matter
of fact, I explained the reasons to her. First, before I phoned
Reuters, I didn’t know that she had encountered the similar problem.
Second, it is when I was on the phone that she told me that she had
contacted Reuters and the engineer would come in the future. I didn’t
think that it is polite to hang up the phone. I explained all details
to her. She accepted that she might have misunderstood me and made an
apology to me. What confused me is that should such small event annoy
her so much. I tried hard to find the answer, but I failed. Girls’
heart are always hard to guess. Maybe my concern is the fifth wheel.
She said that she felt I had been avoiding from her in work which also
made me puzzle. I can’t admit such viewpoint. I admitted that
communication is important. And I am not a narrow-mind guy. However,
if from another point of view, she might be right. I am faced with
choices. And that might be destiny.


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