The story of Lilei&HanMeimei-Youth Memory

Lilei and Hanmeimei, the two characters’ stories in our English textbooks are now popular on the internet. The description of their stories conjured up my memory in the junior high.
This version of English book is firstly used by us. The students who are in higher grade used old version which attached more importance to reading and wrting skills. But the new version of textbooks focused more on we students’the ability to make a dialogue. I could still remember then that in English class, we are often asked to act as all kinds of characters, speaking English. And for sure that thanks to our English teacher, our class’s English score is the highest in the grade. I am sure that the English application skills are also higher than the others.
There is a lot of fun in junior high. There are always hearsay related to one falling in love with another girl. It seems that quite interesting to spread such kind of gossips among classmates. It is the age we first recognized what love is. It is the age we have the complete energy. I could still rember after the examination, a group of boys drove bicycles on a long way to expect a chance meeting. I could still rember the story that a boy kissing another girl who were caught by teacher. All the stories has passed into the history, when recollecting these stories, smirking would be naturally on the face.
I am a man who cherish the past. Looking back on those salad days always make me smile. The age that I cherish most is the life in junior high. I began to make a change in life since then. I am not going to say that there was no sadness and there was no regret then. But it is the period that we are active and we are faced with the colorful life during the time in the school.


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