Msn’s space and QQ’s space are different.
I used to write msn’s space several years ago when I was in Shenzhen.
Writing msn’s space is quite popular then. A lot of my friends did that and all
of us could share our view, our feeling on life. Through msn’s space, we can
know more about our friends. His/her attitude, experience of life. After I
left there, I stopped writing any word. It also seems that my friends gave up
the habit.
Recently I began to write blogs in msn’s space again. Different from
before, I only write in English. At first, I am wanna to practice my English.
After I found that my English was poorer than my expectation, which made me
upset. Sencond, I feel that English might not be interesting. And few people
might read them. The one who will read my articles might be the one who are
really wanna to know about me. English became a barrior for those who got no
interest in knowing about me. As a matter of fact, for we Chinese, it is easier
to read the character than to read the letter-forming articles.
In the qq’s space, all I wrote is Chinese. There should not appear any
English words. I would write some stories that happened around me. There are two
long articls that I wrote there: one is the trip to Anji, Zhejiang, the other
one is also a trip to Zhejiang, but different city: Taizhou and Shaoxing. I
might not be able to write the experience in English detailly as that in
Chinese. My QQ’s space is easier to read and also is easier to write.
Till now I have wrote three subjects: silence, distance and difference. I
chose the three words as the subject is just for fun. The three words have
common postfix-ce.
I am always wanna to check who has read my msn’s space. However, it is
seems that improbable. I tried every means to find the way. I failed. Somebody
told me that for the privacy’s purpose, Microsoft forbid us the function
that we can check out who has visited our space.
Some friends has came to me to talk about my space. Someone told me that my
space is funny, which I found myself mocked. Although I am tough enough to
endure the saying.
Also there is another concealed purpose, but it won’t be disclosed

一条评论 (+add yours?)

  1. Cindy
    10月 22, 2009 @ 04:46:05

    an incredible good path to enhance your language skill ,keep going ahead!



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