Linqiang asked me whether I have found the other half. After I told him
that I am still alone, he said that he would like to introduce a girl to me. A
girl introduced from him? I am very curious. He is currently in Australia, and
he has never lived in Shanghai before. Who would he introduce to me? A girl from
Fujian? I am not wanna move back to Fujian. To my suprise, the girl is in
Australia. She is from Beijing, Linqiang said that she is quite beautiful. She
studied in Australia, and has passed the age for love. The boys around her are
in marriage or younger than her. It sounds great, although it is really out of
my expectation. The distance issue! She is in Australia at present and I am in
Shanghai now. The distance is so large that even meeting each other is so hard.
The age is probable. She was born in 1982, 2 years younger than me.
I don’t care about moving to Australia, although I have been looking
forward to US. Australia is mystery for me. What I know is kangaroo, koala, and
desert. Would I love to live there? I have no idea.


一条评论 (+add yours?)

  1. mermaid
    10月 23, 2009 @ 14:03:53

    hehe, be active and confident, we all need courage to change.BTW, Australia is the place I also look forward to^_^



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