Longing for Hanfuk

I have been longing for owning a
suit of Hanfuk for a long while. But I didn’t find the one hitting the
Introduction of Han Chinese Clothing.

Han Chinese clothing or Hanfu (simplified
: 汉服traditional
: 漢服pinyin:
hànfú; Wade-Giles: hanfu), also
known as Hanzhuang (漢裝), Huafu
(華服), or
guzhuang (古裝, meaning "ancient
clothing"), and sometimes referred in English sources simply as Silk
(especially those worn by the gentry) or Chinese Silk Robe refers to the
historical dress of the Han Chinese people, which
was worn for millennia before the conquest by the Manchus and the establishment of
the Qing Dynasty in 1644. The term
Hanfu derives from the Book of Han, which says,
"then many came to the Court to pay homage and were delighted at the clothing style
of the Han [Chinese]."[2]

Han Chinese clothing is
presently worn only as a part of historical reenactment, festivals, hobby, coming
of age
/rite of passage
ceremonies, ceremonial clothing worn by religious priests, or cultural exercise
and can be frequently seen on Chinese television series, films and other forms of media entertainment. However,
there is currently a movement in China and overseas
Chinese communities to revive Han Chinese clothing in everyday life and
incorporate in Chinese festivals or celebration. Some costumes commonly thought
of as typically Chinese, such as the qipao, are the result of influence
by laws (Queue Order) imposed by
Manchurian rulers of the Qing Dynasty, and are
regarded by some advocates as not being "traditionally" Han. Technically, the
Qing dynasty and afterwards would be considered modern China, so the qipao would
be modern clothing and not traditional. Today, most Han Chinese wear
western-style clothing in everyday life. Some urbanites wear
modified or modernized traditional clothes, while many in the countryside still
use distinctive peasant dress.

Neighboring countries clothing, such as the Japanese kimono and the Vietnamese áo tứ thân,
were all influenced by Hanfu,[3][4][5][6]
as historically these countries were part of the Sinosphere.[7][8]


Every means!

Maybe I haven’t exhauseted my energy. There is still room. Attitude?Makes

aluminium down!

Yesterday, aluminium of Shanghai rallyed sharply in the morning. 1001
contract used to reach at 15560rmb/t. but after then the price went down.
US$ has began to rise. What I concerned is that the US$ and Crude oil has
changed the direction. The trendency might have changed for
Although I forcasted that aluminium could reach the highest point of
15500rmb/t and it has touched the line, I didn’t expect that it could reach so
fast and reach quickly..


I decided that I would never write anything in the qq’s space again. For I
couldn’t write English over there,(which might be laughed at). In fact, writing
to space means disclosing personal information, although I only wrote events
rather than described my thought.
Is the sun still shining?
Would the sun rise again tomorrow?
Is there any hope for the country?

The story of Lilei&HanMeimei-Youth Memory

Lilei and Hanmeimei, the two characters’ stories in our English textbooks are now popular on the internet. The description of their stories conjured up my memory in the junior high.
This version of English book is firstly used by us. The students who are in higher grade used old version which attached more importance to reading and wrting skills. But the new version of textbooks focused more on we students’the ability to make a dialogue. I could still remember then that in English class, we are often asked to act as all kinds of characters, speaking English. And for sure that thanks to our English teacher, our class’s English score is the highest in the grade. I am sure that the English application skills are also higher than the others.
There is a lot of fun in junior high. There are always hearsay related to one falling in love with another girl. It seems that quite interesting to spread such kind of gossips among classmates. It is the age we first recognized what love is. It is the age we have the complete energy. I could still rember after the examination, a group of boys drove bicycles on a long way to expect a chance meeting. I could still rember the story that a boy kissing another girl who were caught by teacher. All the stories has passed into the history, when recollecting these stories, smirking would be naturally on the face.
I am a man who cherish the past. Looking back on those salad days always make me smile. The age that I cherish most is the life in junior high. I began to make a change in life since then. I am not going to say that there was no sadness and there was no regret then. But it is the period that we are active and we are faced with the colorful life during the time in the school.


Msn’s space and QQ’s space are different.
I used to write msn’s space several years ago when I was in Shenzhen.
Writing msn’s space is quite popular then. A lot of my friends did that and all
of us could share our view, our feeling on life. Through msn’s space, we can
know more about our friends. His/her attitude, experience of life. After I
left there, I stopped writing any word. It also seems that my friends gave up
the habit.
Recently I began to write blogs in msn’s space again. Different from
before, I only write in English. At first, I am wanna to practice my English.
After I found that my English was poorer than my expectation, which made me
upset. Sencond, I feel that English might not be interesting. And few people
might read them. The one who will read my articles might be the one who are
really wanna to know about me. English became a barrior for those who got no
interest in knowing about me. As a matter of fact, for we Chinese, it is easier
to read the character than to read the letter-forming articles.
In the qq’s space, all I wrote is Chinese. There should not appear any
English words. I would write some stories that happened around me. There are two
long articls that I wrote there: one is the trip to Anji, Zhejiang, the other
one is also a trip to Zhejiang, but different city: Taizhou and Shaoxing. I
might not be able to write the experience in English detailly as that in
Chinese. My QQ’s space is easier to read and also is easier to write.
Till now I have wrote three subjects: silence, distance and difference. I
chose the three words as the subject is just for fun. The three words have
common postfix-ce.
I am always wanna to check who has read my msn’s space. However, it is
seems that improbable. I tried every means to find the way. I failed. Somebody
told me that for the privacy’s purpose, Microsoft forbid us the function
that we can check out who has visited our space.
Some friends has came to me to talk about my space. Someone told me that my
space is funny, which I found myself mocked. Although I am tough enough to
endure the saying.
Also there is another concealed purpose, but it won’t be disclosed


Linqiang asked me whether I have found the other half. After I told him
that I am still alone, he said that he would like to introduce a girl to me. A
girl introduced from him? I am very curious. He is currently in Australia, and
he has never lived in Shanghai before. Who would he introduce to me? A girl from
Fujian? I am not wanna move back to Fujian. To my suprise, the girl is in
Australia. She is from Beijing, Linqiang said that she is quite beautiful. She
studied in Australia, and has passed the age for love. The boys around her are
in marriage or younger than her. It sounds great, although it is really out of
my expectation. The distance issue! She is in Australia at present and I am in
Shanghai now. The distance is so large that even meeting each other is so hard.
The age is probable. She was born in 1982, 2 years younger than me.
I don’t care about moving to Australia, although I have been looking
forward to US. Australia is mystery for me. What I know is kangaroo, koala, and
desert. Would I love to live there? I have no idea.

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